The main object of Joan Poch Reformes+Decoració is to create a home that matches the unique personality of each client.

The fine detail and finish is a very important part of decorating and we have experience with a wide range of painting techniques as well as traditonal ones, glazes, wallpaper etc.

Do you need a professional team fully dedicated to your project?
Integral Reforms
With your guidance, we will manage the planning, the coordination and control of the project so that you do not have to worry.
Painting & Decorating
We take care of everything, utilising quality paints for both indoor and outdoor projects as well as the lighting and decoration.
Bespoke or Customised Projects
We will manage your project, from the initial consultation through to implementation and monitoring of the original 3D planning.
Commercial offices
Why us?
Joan Poch Reformes + Decoració is a consolidated company that was founded in 1989 and has a proven reputation that covers the entire province of Barcelona. We have experience in all kinds of renovation projects for homes and businesses. Above all, we are proud to be a reputable company that delivers projects on time and within budget. We can provide references from both national and international customers.
We are always at the forefront of innovation in our sector and also on the new painting and decorating techniques.
We will take care of everything
Our qualified team will provide advice, analysis, project design and execute the project to a clean and quality controlled standard.
Latest projects

Our commitment is quality and customer satisfaction, during the work and through to the final result.
Joan Poch Reformes+Decoració
Founded in 1989, Joan Poch Reformes+Decoració is a company with a broad experience in all types of refurbishments for the home, commercial properties and businesses. We cover the entire province of Barcelona.
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607 242 514

We cover the entire province of Barcelona,
including wons such as Badalona, El Maresme,
Sabadell, Terrassa, Santa Coloma, L'Hospitalet...